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Scholarly publications

Lundh, Anna Hampson, Helena Francke & Olof Sundin (in print). "To assess and be assessed: Upper secondary school students' narratives of credibility judgements." Journal of Documentation.

Francke, Helena (2014). "Dimensions of Credibility: Review as a Documentary Practice." Proceedings of the iConference, Berlin, 4-7 March 2014. Poster.

Francke, Helena & Cecilia Gärdén (2013). "Forskning om informationskompetens i skolsammanhang [Research on Information Literacy in the School Context]." Skolbibliotekets roller i förändrade landskap: en forskningsantologi [The Roles of the School Library in Changing Landscapes: A Research Anthology]. Eds. Louise Limberg & Anna Hampson Lundh. Lund: BTJ Förlag. 142-203. Link to preprint.

Francke, Helena & Olof Sundin (2012). "Negotiating the Role of Sources: Educators' Conceptions of Credibility in Participatory Media." Library & Information Science Research 34.3, 169-175. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.lisr.2011.12.004

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Francke, Helena, Olof Sundin & Louise Limberg (2011). "Debating Credibility: The Shaping of Information Literacies in Upper Secondary School". Journal of Documentation 67.4, 675-694. see <http://bada.hb.se/handle/2320/8351>

Francke, Helena & Olof Sundin (2010). "An Inside View: Credibility in Wikipedia from the Perspective of Editors". Information Research 15.3, Special supplement: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, London 21-24 June, 2010. <http://informationr.net/ir/15-3/colis7/colis702.html>

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Sundin, Olof, Helena Francke & Jack Andersen (2009). "Materialitet och remediering: konsekvenser för informationskompetens." Informationskompetenser: om lärande i informationspraktiker och informationssökning i lärandepraktiker. Eds. Jenny Hedman & Anna Lundh. Stockholm: Carlssons. 181-206. Link to publisher

Coto, Rolando, Helena Francke & Saray Córdoba (2009). "Metadata Usage Tendencies in Latin American Electronic Journals." ELPUB2009. Rethinking Electronic Publishing: Innovation in Communication Paradigms and Technologies - Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Milan, Italy 10-12 June 2009. Susanna Mornati & Turid Hedlund, eds. Roma: Edizioni Nuova Cultura. ISBN 978-88-6134-326-6, pp. 311-334.

Francke, Helena (2009). "Towards an Architectural Document Analysis." Journal of Information Architecture 1.1. <http://journalofia.org/volume1/issue1/03-francke/jofia-0101-03-francke.pdf>

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Francke, Helena (2008). (Re)creations of Scholarly Journals: Document and Information Architecture in Open Access Journals. Borås: Valfrid. Diss. Link to abstract and dissertation in full text.

Francke, Helena (2007). "Negotiating Cognitive Authority: The Case of Scholarly Electronic Journals." A Document (Re)turn: Contributions from a Research Field in Transition. Eds. Roswitha Skare, Niels Windfeld Lund & Andreas Vårheim. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 117-133. Link to publisher

Francke, Helena (2005). "Economics and Quality Estimation of Open Access E-journals." Swedish Library Research 15.1: 32-45. <http://www.hb.se/bhs/svbf/arkiv/helfra.pdf>

Francke, Helena (2005). "What's in a Name? Contextualizing the Document Concept." Literary and Linguistic Computing 20.1: 61-69. <preprint>

Ek, Ann-Katrin & Helena Francke (1999). Svenska kataloger på webben: en undersökning av samarbetsmöjligheter mellan sex nationella katalogtjänster. Högskolan i Borås, Institutionen Bibliotekshögskolan, Magisteruppsats 1999:34.

Scholarly conference presentations

Anderson, T.D., Åström, F., Francke, H., Hartel, J. & Kjellberg, S. (2014). "Storying Research: Conducting research in new formats and new voices." Proceedings of the iConference, Berlin, 4-7 March 2014. Session for interaction and engagement.

Francke, Helena (2012). "Gatekeeping or Participation: on Interaction in the Construction of Document Credibility." Keynote presentation at Jubileumsforskarkonferens 2012 (Jubilee Research Conference), Borås, 6-7 November 2012.

Francke, Helena (2012). "Documentary Practices and Credibility: Discussions in a Climate Change Blog." Presentation as part of the panel "Transformation or Continuity? The Impact of Social Media on Information: Implications for Theory and Practice" (J. Haider, I. Huvila, A. Cox, H. Francke & H. Hall) at ASIS&T 12, Information, Interaction, Innovation: Celebrating the Past, Constructing the Present and Creating the Future, October 26-30, Baltimore, MD <http://www.asist.org/asist2012/proceedings/Submissions/101.pdf>

Lundh, Anna & Helena Francke (2012). "To Assess Information While Being Assessed: Upper Secondary School Students' Narratives about Credibility Judgements." Presentation at RAILS8, Research Applications in Information and Library Studies, Adelaide, SA, Australia, 25 June 2012.

Francke, Helena & Sara Kjellberg (2011). "Documentary Practices for Constructing Credibility in Serious Blogs." Presentation at DOCAM'11, The annual meeting of the Document Academy, Växjö, Sweden, 30 Sept.-2 Oct. 2011.

Francke, Helena & Olof Sundin (2011). "New Media in the Classroom: Challenged Notions and Transformed Practices?" Presentation at Information: Interactions and Impact (i3) , Aberdeen, UK, 20-23 June 2011.

Francke, Helena & Olof Sundin (2010). "An Inside View: Credibility in Wikipedia from the Perspective of Editors." Presentation at CoLIS 7 : unity in diversity, International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science, London, 21-24 June 2010.

Francke, Helena (2009). "Incredible Resources? The Role of User-generated Web Sites in a High School Setting." Presentation as part of the panel "New Modes of Information Behavior Emerging from the Social Web" (G. Widén-Wulff, I. Huvila, H. Hall, M. Kronqvist-Berg, O. Nivakoski & H. Francke) at ASIS&T 09, Thriving on Diversity - Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World, November 6-11, Vancouver, Canada. <http://www.asis.org/Conferences/AM09/open-proceedings/panels/8.xml>

Francke, Helena (2008). "Remediating Scholarly Journals: Changing Materiality, Changing Practices." Presentation as part of the panel "In form & informing: Materiality and Information Seeking" (T. Anderson, S. Kjellberg, H. Francke & O. Sundin) at ASIS&T 08, People Transforming Information - Information Transforming People, October 24-29, Columbus, Ohio.

Francke, Helena (2006). "The (re)creation of scholarly journals: Document and information architecture in Open Access e-journals." Paper presented at The Annual Meeting of the Document Academy, Berkeley, CA, 13-15 October 2006.

Francke, Helena (2005). "Textures and Structures in E-journals." Presentation at The Technological Texture: Meetings between the Humanities and Information Technology [Den teknologiska texturen: Möten mellan humaniora och informationsteknik], Umeå University 17-18 January 2005.

Francke, Helena (2004). "The 'Document' in Document Architecture". Presentation at ALLC/ACH 2004, The 16th Joint International Conference of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing and the Association for Computers in the Humanities, Göteborg University, 11-16 June 2004.

Hansson, Joacim, Helena Francke, Mats Dahlström & Mikael Gunnarsson (2003). "Documents in Library and Information Science: Sociotechnical Dimensions in Document Genre and Architecture Studies." Paper presented at The Annual Meeting of the Document Academy, Berkeley, CA, 13-15 August 2003.

Popular science publications

Francke, Helena (2013). Publicera! Svenska forskningsbiblioteks arbete med publiceringsfrågor [Publish! Swedish Research Libraries' Work Regarding Publishing]. Stockholm: Svensk Biblioteksförening [Swedish Library Association]. <http://www.biblioteksforeningen.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/PUBLICERA-2013-WEB-slutversion-130427.pdf>

Sundin, Olof & Helena Francke (2011). "Förändrade kunskapsformer och förnyade informationskompetenser i gymnasieskolan [Changed forms of knowledge and information literacies in upper secondary school]." In Resultatdialog 2011. (Vetenskapsrådets rapportserie 7:2011). Stockholm: The Swedish Research Council, 149-155. [Available at: http://www.vr.se/download/18.9b19d771342fcdf4fc8000676/Resultatdialog2011-utbildningsvetenskaplig-forskning.pdf]

Francke, Helena (2008). "Vad vi har att utgå ifrån: grunder för källkritiska bedömningar i open access-tidskrifter [What Can We Base Judgments On? Bases for Assessments of Credibility in Open Access Journals]." Paper presented at Mötesplats inför framtiden: Arbetsliv, utbildning, forskning, Borås, 15-16 October 2008. <http://bada.hb.se/handle/2320/4056>

Francke, Helena (2008). "Telling a Different Story in Open Access Journals?" ScieCom Info: Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication 4.2. <http://www.sciecom.org/ojs/index.php/sciecominfo/article/viewFile/652/446>

Francke, Helena (2008). "E-tidskrifter: mer av samma sak? [E-journals: more of the same?]" InfoTrend: Nordisk tidskrift för informationsspecialister 63.2: 39-44.

Popular science presentations

Presentation ("Publiceringsfrågor och open access – samtid och framtid för forskningsbiblioteken? [Publishing and open access – the present and the future of the research libraries?]") to the staff of the Linnaeus University Library, Växjö, 31 January 2014.

Presentation (with Louise Limberg, "Skolbibliotekets roller i förändrade landskap [The roles of the school library in changing landscapes]") at Skolbibliotek 2013: Det pedagogiska navet i skolan - nya roller och uppgifter [School libraries 2013] arranged by Teknologisk Institut, Stockholm 11-12 December 2013.

Presentation ("Informationskompetenser i föränderliga medielandskap [Information literacies in changing media landscapes]") at Forskardagen 2013: Bibliotekens betydelse för medie- och informationskunnighet [The research day 2013: The role of the libraries for media and information literacy], arranged by Svensk Biblioteksförening [The Swedish Library Association], Stockholm 7 November 2013.

Presentation to library staff ("Publiceringsfrågor på forskningsbibliotek [Publishing in academic libraries]") and to academic and library staff ("Dagens och morgondagens publiceringslandskap [The publishing landscape of today and tomorrow]") at the University library/LCR, Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, 15 October 2013.

Presentation (with Cecilia Gärdén, "Forskning om informationskompetens i skolsammanhang [Research on Information Literacy in the School Context]") at the conference Skolbibliotekets roller i förändrade landskap [The Roles of the School Library in Changing Landscapes] arranged by Bibliotekshögskolan, Bibliotekstjänst, Kultur i Väst, Skolbibliotek Väst och Skolbibliotekscentralen i Göteborg, Göteborg, 2 October 2013.

Part of the panel "Skolbibliotekets roller i förändrade landskap [The roles of the school library in changing landscapes]" at Bok & Bibliotek [Göteborg Book Fair], Göteborg, 26 September 2013.

Part of the panel "Vad har akademisk publicering på biblioteket att göra? [What does academic publishing have to do at the library?]" at Bok & Bibliotek [Göteborg Book Fair], Göteborg, 26 September 2013.

Presentation ("Gatekeeping eller deltagande: om trovärdighetsbedömningar på Internet [Gatekeeping or participation: on credibility assessments on the Internet]") at Nordisk Arkiv- och Researchkonferens 2013 [Nordic Archives and Research Conference 2013] arranged by SRF Research and SVT Arkiv och Rättigheter, Stockholm 19-20 September, 2013.

Presentation ("Att omvärldsbevaka forskningsbibliotek") at Svensk Biblioteksförenings årskonferens 2013 [The Annual Meeting of the Swedish Library Association 2013], Örebro, 15-17 May 2013. <http://prezi.com/huzjfpzfqtoq/publicera-biblioteksdagarna-2013/

Presentation ("Biblioteket som proaktiv aktör i publiceringsfrågor?") at the conference Mötesplats Open Access 2013, Göteborg, 17-18 April 2013. <http://openaccess.blogg.kb.se/files/2013/04/Francke_Publiceringsfragan_MOA_2013-04-18.pdf>

Presentation ("Gatekeeping eller deltagande: om hur vi bestämmer vad vi ska lite på i komplexa frågor") at Vetenskap för profession – forskare möter praktiker arranged by SFIS (Svensk förening för informationsspecialister), Gothenburg, 21 February, 2013.

Presentation ("Att förhandla om källors trovärdighet: lärdomar från EXAKT-projektet") at the conference Mötesplats Borås Profession-Forskning, Borås, 11-12 October 2012.

Presentation ("Gymnasieelever och källkritik på Internet [Upper secondary school students and credibility on the Internet]") at the seminar Sanning, lögn och källkritik: en dag om att använda och värdera information på Internet, arranged by ZY-föreningen (Svensk biblioteksförenings regionförening för Jämtland och Västernorrland) & Skolbibliotek Mitt [Swedish Library Association and Mid-Sweden School Libraries], Sundsvall, 8 December 2011.

Presentation ("Källor och Källkritik i gymnasieskolan [Sources and credibility in upper secondary school"]) at the seminar Källor i självständiga arbeten arranged by the Linnaeus University Library, Växjö, 3 October 2011.

Presentation ("Utmanas trycktraditionen? Representationsformer i vetenskaplig open accesspublicering.") at the conference Didaktikk og teknologi 2011, arranged by Lillehammer University College, Lillehammer, 7-8 February, 2011.

Presentation ("Kontextualisering och trovärdighet i digitala medier.") at Kulturarvets digitalisering och framtiden - dröm eller mardröm? arranged by Kulturarvsseminariet at the University of Gothenburg and Göteborg City Museum, Göteborg, 6-7 December, 2010.

Talk ("Informationskompetens") at SociaMediaPedia in Borås 11 May 2010.

Talk ("Ett remedierat bibliotek? Vetenskapliga tidskrifter och digitala kompetenser") at Bibliotek och digitala medier, Svensk Biblioteksförenings forskardag 2010 arranged by Svensk Biblioteksförening, Stockholm 6 May 2010.

Talk ("Källkritik och nya medier i skolan") at Inspirationsdagar arranged by GR Utbildning, Göteborg 26-27 October 2009.

Talk ("Om svart och vitt och grå nyanser däremellan. Erfarenheter från EXAKT-projektet") at the workshop "Att utveckla sin undervisning i informationskompetens på gymnasium och högskola" arranged by Lund University Libraries and others, Lund 5 October 2009.

Talk ("Om Webb 2.0 och källkritik inom EXAKT-projektet") at the release party for Skriften Framsteget Specials ABM-nummer arranged by ABM-styrgruppen/Västra götaland. Göteborg 16 April 2009. See also the article in Framsteget Special.

Talk ("Biblioteksforskning") for the seminar Framtidens bibliotek arranged by the public libraries in Säffle and Arvika, Säffle , 2009-02-17. Slides available, see also article in Säffletidningen.

Talk ("Wikipedia och källkritik i gymnasieskolan") for Svensk Biblioteksförenings Regionförening Östergötland och Jönköpings län, meeting on "Wikipedia: en bra informationskälla?", Norrköping 2008-11-26.

Co-presenter of "Doktoranderna vid Institutionen Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap presenterar sin forskning." (2004). Presentation at Mötesplats inför framtiden: Arbetsliv, utbildning, forskning, Borås, 13-14 October 2004.

Educational publications

Dahlström, Mats & Helena Francke (2010). "Sustainable LIS Education in a Glocal World." Paper presented at IFLA 2010, Gothenburg 10-15 August 2010. Session 123. <http://www.ifla.org/files/hq/papers/ifla76/123-dahlstrom-en.pdf>

Maceviciute, Elena, Tom Wilson & Helena Francke (2009). "Developing a Digital Libraries Master's Programme." Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: Proceedings of the 13th European Conference, ECDL 2009, Corfu, Greece, September 27 - October 2, 2009. Berlin & Heidelberg: Springer. 402-407. <http://www.springerlink.com/content/p71p234w08wn18n7/fulltext.pdf>

Francke, Helena (2009). "Digitala tjänster - kultur, information & kommunikation [Digital services - culture, information & communication]." InfoTrend: Nordisk tidskrift för informationsspecialister 64.2-3: 74-78.

Other international presentations

Francke, Helena (2012). "Credibility and Authority in an Unregulated World." Presentation at the School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia, 2 July 2012.

Lundh, Anna & Francke, Helena (2012). "Researching Social Media from a Sociocultural Perspective." Doctoral workshop for INN701 – Advanced Research Topics, School of Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 1 May 2012.

Francke, Helena (2010). "Informationskompetenser i skolan ur ett sociokulturellt perspektiv.". Presentation at Seminar om informasjonskompetanse at Universitetet i Agder, Kristiansand, Norway, 12 March 2010.

Contribution to the panel discussion about issues and strategies for the future of LIS in the Nordic countries, at the conference Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskaplig forskning i Norden: Lägesbestämning och strategier för framtiden, Borås, 23-24 april, 2009.

Francke, Helena (2005). "The (re)creation of scholarly journals: Document and information architecture in Open Access e-journals." Poster presentation at the International Summer School on Digital Documents, Tromsø, Norway, June 27-July 3, 2005.

Francke, Helena (2005). "The (re)creation of scholarly journals: Document and information architecture in Open Access e-journals." Presentation at the Doctoral Forum of the 5th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Sciences, CoLIS 2005 (Context: Nature, Impact, and Role), Glasgow, UK, June 4-8, 2005.

Doctoral student supervision

Beginning in autumn 2008, I was the assistant advisor for Sara Kjellberg in her doctoral studies in LIS at Lund University. Sara successfully defended her PhD thesis Forskarbloggar: vetenskaplig kommunikation och kunskapsproduktion i bloggosfären / Scholarly Blogs: Scholarly Communication and Knowledge Production in the Blogosphere on October 1, 2010.

Fredrik Hanell, LIS at the Dept. of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University. I am Fredrik's assistant advisor since autumn 2011.

Amira Sofie Sandin, LIS at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås. I am Amira Sofie's advisor beginning in 2012.

Ameera Mansour, LIS at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås. I am Ameera's advisor beginning in 2012.

Other activities

I am Co-director of The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS) which is a research collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and Borås University funded by the Swedish Research Council.

I worked as one of the editors of Human IT: Journal for Information Technology Studies as a Human Science between 1999 and 2007.

I was a member of Bibliotekshögskolans Forskarutbildningsnämnd (the SSLIS Postgraduate Education Committee) in 2003-2004 and spring 2006 as a doctoral student representative, and from spring 2009 to spring 2011 as a faculty representative.

During the academic year 2010-2011, I held a post doc position at the University of Boräs.

I have reviewed articles and presentations for JASIS&T (2010, 2013), Human IT (2010, 2012), CoLIS (2010, 2013), Danish Library Research (2011), Information Research (2011), Australian Academic & Research Libraries (2012), ASIS&T European Workshop (2013), and iConference (2014), BOBCATSSS (2014), and Culture Unbound (2013).

I have been the co-ordinator of the Master's programme Digital Services - Culture, Information & Communication from summer 2008 to summer 2010 and again from summer 2011. Starting in 2012, I am also co-coordinator of the Master's programme Library and Information Science, distance mode.

I was the assistant to the chair of the Doctoral Forum at CoLIS 6 in Borås, August 13-16, 2007.

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