Howzit, hi och hej!

Welcome to my home page. My name is Kim Bolton and I am Professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Borås, Sweden. In addition to my teaching and research in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, I coordinate and co-supervise several projects. I have also been Dean of our faculty (2006-2009) and am presently the university's senior advisor on international affairs.  I'll keep this page short and let you select the topics that interest you.

Our group performs computational research into                 

·        Piezoelectric fibres (e.g., for smart textiles)

·        carbon nanotubes and graphene  (e.g., for nanoelectronics)

·        carbonaceous  polymeric nanocomposites (e.g., for smart textiles)

·        decomposition of cellulose (e.g., for bioethanol production)

·        tailor-made polymeric materials (e.g., for the packaging industry)

and have recently been involved in

·        recovery of valuable metals from waste water effluent

·        phase equilibria (e.g, for petrochemical distillation)

·        stratospheric chemistry (e.g., to prevent ozone hole formation)

·        water solubility in polyethylene (e.g., for high voltage applications)


I have been involved in the following pedagogical project

·        Computer simulations for active learning of chemical concepts

and in the following international exchange projects

·        Linking Asian and European Universities in implementation of sustainable technology

·        An Erasmus-Mundus project between Europe and South-East Asia


Course Information:  I no longer use my webpage for course information since all courses at our university are given via the Ping Pong virtual classroom.



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