Howzit, hi och hej!

Welcome to my home page. My name is Kim Bolton and I am Professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Borås, Sweden. In addition to my teaching and research in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, I coordinate and co-supervise several projects. I have also been Dean of our faculty (2006-2009) and am presently the university's senior advisor on international affairs.  I'll keep this page short and let you select the topics that interest you.

There are two general directions to our research: Part of our group studies aspects of waste management and other members are active in the area of molecular modelling.

 Waste management research

§  Social aspects relevant to correct sorting of household waste

§  Economic costs and environmental impact of food waste at supermarkets

§  Selection of building materials for reduced environmental impact

§  Using the moringo plant to develop materials for water purification


Molecular modelling research

·        Textile actuators (e.g., for soft robotics)

·        Catalytic reactions of relevance to combustion and gasification

·        Piezoelectric fibres (e.g., for smart textiles)

·        Carbonaceous  polymeric nanocomposites (e.g., for smart textiles)

·        Tailor-made polymeric materials (e.g., for the packaging industry)


and have recently been involved in

·        carbon nanotubes and graphene  (e.g., for nanoelectronics)

·        decomposition of cellulose (e.g., for bioethanol production)

·        recovery of valuable metals from waste water effluent

·        phase equilibria (e.g, for petrochemical distillation)

·        stratospheric chemistry (e.g., to prevent ozone hole formation)

·        water solubility in polyethylene (e.g., for high voltage applications)



I have been involved in the following pedagogical project

·        Computer simulations for active learning of chemical concepts

and in the following international exchange projects

·        Linking Asian and European Universities in implementation of sustainable technology

·        An Erasmus-Mundus project between Europe and South-East Asia


Course Information:  I no longer use my webpage for course information since all courses at our university are given via the Ping Pong virtual classroom.



Personal information

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            o industrial experience.